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Amanda “Fucking” Palmer recorded a chilling cover of “Polly” for SPIN Magazine’s tribute issue & compilation to Nirvana’s “Nevermind” last year. The record was cut at Yale University (using many of the theater department’s special effects instruments and toys) where Raines and McQuilken (members of her touring band) just completed the three-year graduate Yale School of Drama program.

The video for “Polly,” directed by McQuilken and featuring actors Christopher M. McFarland and Jillian Taylor with a special guest appearance by Blake Brasher, was just released! Check it out. Creepy, yes, but very well done. Information on the story/meaning behind the song is also included in the video information on YouTube.

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    I haven’t watched the video yet, but regarding the song: it is intended to be against domestic violence etc, there’s an...
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    *Major trigger warning* for violence/sexual violence. And just… incredibly disturbing in general. urchicago: Does...
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